How it works and frequently asked questions.


Aged a minimum of 75 days, free-range, and zero antibiotics.


Your order will be delivered via Fedex or UPS and boxed with the appropriate cold packs to maintain proper temperature.

Shipping rates are dependant on the distance from our facilities in Chicago.

Expect your order within 2-5 business days.



1. All beef products are sold in multiples of 2, 4, 6 or 8. Make sure to read the product description to see exactly what you are ordering.
2. Select the size and quantity of your order. (There is also an optional gift message.)
3. Add your desired products to the cart.

4. If you have a discount code, you will enter it on the checkout page before finishing your order. If you have trouble with any part of your order, contact a Gibsons Steak team member for assistance.


You will be notified of your delivery date after your order has been processed.  

You will be given access to your FedEx or UPS tracking info to monitor your order in transit.

The large chilled shipping container will keep your order at the appropriate temperature if you are not immediately present for delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of an order with Gibsons Steak?
After submitting an order online, your purchase will be shipped 2-5 business days after being placed.

How do I know when my order will ship?
A shipping confirmation email will be sent which will include a tracking number.

How is my order delivered?
Your order will be delivered via FedEx or UPS. You will be given access to UPS tracking info to monitor your order in transit.

What if I cannot be present at the time of my delivery?

Deliveries are made via FedEx or UPS. Orders are packaged in an insulated cooler with appropriate cooling system to maintain temperature.

Can you guarantee deliveries for a specific date and time?
We do our best to accommodate special requests. Please contact 1-844-442-7664 with your request.

Can I cancel my order?
Because Gibsons Steaks are cut to order, there is a 24 hour period for cancelling after the order has been placed. Please contact 1-844-442-7664.

Where are you shipping from?
Orders are received, expertly hand-cut, packaged and shipped by our fully licensed and certified meat purveyor partner in Chicago.  

Do you ship steaks internationally?
Gibsons Steak currently ships to the continental United States only.

What should I do with my Gibsons Steak order when it arrives?
Refrigerate your Gibson Steak products immediately. Freeze your Gibsons Steak products within 5 days of receiving to preserve freshness.

Do you accept gift cards from Gibsons Restaurant Group?
We do not accept gift cards at this time.

Where can I find nutritional information?
Please click here for nutritional information.

Is Gibsons Grassfed Australian Beef Prime?
They use a different grading system Down Under. Our Gibsons Grassfed Australian Beef is restaurant quality and equivalent to prime.

How do I place a corporate order?
To join the Gibsons Steak Corporate Gift Program reach out to to learn about available discounts and the process for ordering.

Is this website or my shopify account secure?
Your information is secure. See our privacy policy information.

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