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W.R.’s Chicago Cut

  • 22oz. W.R.'s Chicago Cut (Gibsons Prime Angus)

The Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse signature steak, the Gibsons Prime W.R.'s Chicago Cut is a feast in itself. Deep marbling provides savory goodness to make this steak a big standout in the flavor department. If you love ribeye, this steak is for you. Make the W.R. the main event at your next party. 

In the mid-90’s, well-known Chicago Tribune food critic William Rice came in for dinner and said that Gibsons should have its own signature steak — we went to our meat purveyor and asked for a prime cut of meat that could be Gibsons' signature steak. The bone-in ribeye, an unknown cut at the time, was a great fit for our menu — a year or two later it became our highest selling steak! Due to the fact that it was William Rice’s idea, we named it W.R.’s Chicago Cut. 

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