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From your friends at UKG.

Grill Up Your Gibsons Steak

Thank you for joining Team UKG and our wonderful friends from Chicago's famous Gibsons Steakhouse to learn a little more about our World Class HCM technology solutions...AND, learn the best ways to cook delicious steak and fish from a World Class chef! We hope you enjoyed it.

To thank you for spending time with us, we would like to send your choice of one of 3 Gibsons Entree items, compliments of UKG. Each box is carefully hand-packed and then shipped to you on dry ice so you can try your hand at cooking the perfect Gibsons meal at home! In our opinion, you can't go wrong with any one of the selections! YUM!

Your box will contain the foundation for what you need to enjoy a perfect meal for 2 at home - choice of steaks, pork chops or fish and Gibsons famous Seasoning Salt. In addition, the chef will provide you with a recipe card and ingredient list to prepare some delicious side dishes to accompany your steak, fish or chops.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

How to place your order?


Choose between the pre-made Steak, Pork Chops or Fish boxes below.


Each UKG guest will use this discount code: UKG-06-2024. (Code can only be used once and is tied to your email address).



Enter your discount code at checkout, your 1 box will be free including shipping, unless you added additional items to your cart. You'll receive your delivery within 4-6 days.



***Discount code expires on July 10, 2024***


Choose 1 Gibsons Box From the 4 Below

UKG Ribeye Box

2 - 14oz. GGA Ribeyes

1 - 6oz. Bottle of Gibsons Seasoning Salt

UKG New York Box

2 - 14oz. GGA New York Strips

1 - 6oz. Bottle of Gibsons Seasoning Salt

UKG Pork Chop Box

2 - 14oz. GGA Ribeyes

1 - 6oz. Bottle of Gibsons Seasoning Salt

UKG Salmon Box

4 - 8oz. Premium Salmon Filets

1 - 6oz. Bottle of Gibsons Seasoning Salt

Want to add more to your order?

If you would like to add anything to your order, you may do so using your own credit card and, where possible, the team at Gibsons will try to fit everything in the same box so your shipping will be covered by UKG.

***Larger orders may incur additional shipping charges.***



The perfect steak, delivered.