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Skirt Steak

  • 12oz. Gibsons Prime Angus Skirt Steak

Our Gibsons Prime Angus Skirt Steak brings an unbelievably buttery beef flavor. With abundant marbling, this juicy cut will literally melt in your mouth. Our Skirt Steak cooks quickly over a hot grill or cast iron and is one of the most flavorful cuts of beef, due to its high-fat content. It's wonderful on its own, but also works well in sandwiches, tacos, stir fry, and grilled skewers. Enjoy this delicious Gibsons Prime Angus Skirt Steak with marinades, sauces, and especially, Gibsons Seasoning Salt.

Gibsons Prime Angus
Abundant marbling 
No Added Hormones
Wet-Aged for a Minimum of 21 Days

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