Classic Cocktails to Pair with Your Steak

Classic Cocktails to Pair with Your Steak

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

It might not seem like it, but knowing how to correctly craft a classic cocktail is important. Let's be honest, a well-crafted drink by a good bartender can really turn your day around. But, you can't always pull up a stool at LUXBAR, so we had the bartenders break it down for you. Want to impress? Go for better ingredients, but don't mess with the mix.


A true classic whiskey cocktail from the big apple that dates back to the 1800s. The exact origins of the Manhattan are shrouded in mystery, and perhaps it's better for it. The first official recipe for the Manhattan was detailed in the 1884 "Modern Bartenders' Guide". With a good Manhattan, you'll get a hint of herbal fruitiness and a big bitter punch. Not only delicious, it pairs well with a big, juicy steak. The most traditional recipe uses rye whiskey, but you'll find any bourbon will do just fine. In fact, during prohibition, Manhattans were mixed using Canadian Whiskey. Not even prohibition could stop it. New fandangled drinks come and go, but the Manhattan remains.


What you'll need: 2 oz Rye Whiskey, 1 oz Sweet Vermouth, 2-3 dashes Angostura Bitters, Garnished with a Luxardo cherry

Old Fashioned

This one goes way back and has about as many interpretations as The Beatles' "Yesterday". That's over 2200, by the way. It's safe to say that the Old Fashioned is well-loved. It is, in fact, old-fashioned, with roots dating back to the 1880s. The bartender James E. Pepper, developed the drink in Kentucky and brought it to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel bar in New York City. The rest is history. The most traditional of recipes call for bourbon whiskey, but we won't bat an eye if you swap it for Brandy.


What you'll need: 2.5 oz Bourbon, .25 oz Demerara Syrup (2:1 Sugar:water), 2 dash cherry vanilla bitters, 1 dash Ango, Orange Swath, Luxardo Cherry



Located in Downtown Chicago

The quintessential American bar, LUXBAR features seasonal and classic cocktails made from freshly pressed juices, premium ice, housemade shrubs, and an extensive selection of spirits that runs especially deep in whiskey and bourbon.

The all-day food menu and weekend brunch mirror the bar’s classic approach and emphasis on high-quality ingredients with made-from-scratch American favorites, including the Gold Coast filet sliders, Lux Royale double patty cheeseburger made with Gibsons Prime Angus and caramelized onions, kale + avocado and Cobb salads, Alsatian pizzas, cedar-planked salmon and steak frites.


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