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Get the same Gibsons steaks, fish and chops served up at our world renowned restaurants, delivered to directly to you, your friends, and your family for the holidays.

Chicago Box



The trifecta. Our Chicago box features all three of our GGA steak offerings: the Filet, the New York Strip and the Ribeye. You will also receive a 6oz. bottle of our famous Gibsons Seasoning Salt, in order to cook your steaks to perfection. Give yourself, or someone special, a cut of what makes Gibsons great.

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Aged 75 days

Age matters. To achieve maximum flavor, Gibsons Grassfed Australian steaks are wet-aged to a minimum of 75 days. Like a fine wine, steak only gets better with age. During our 75-day aging process, enzymes have time to break down the sinuous muscle fibers creating an incredibly tender steak. Only the finest cuts of beef are chosen to be aged for this length of time. Enjoy the sophisticated flavor Gibsons is known for.


Zero Antibiotics, Free-Range

Our GGA beef is sourced from the top 5% of all grassfed cattle produced in Southeast Australia and raised with zero antibiotics. Free-range cattle produce better beef. Open grazing lands provide a sustainable, natural, and stress-free grazing environment for our GGA beef cattle. This is partly why our Australian beef is widely recognized for exceptional flavor, consistency, and quality.


Wet-Aged, Corn Fed

Gibsons Prime Angus is sourced from a carefully selected list of producers in the upper Midwest. The cattle that are raised in this region are far superior in taste, tenderness and consistency. Gibsons Prime Angus Beef is corn-fed for up to 120 days and aged for a minimum of 40 days. The cattle are raised, fed and processed to Gibsons’ strict specifications, which sets them apart from all other commodity Prime Beef programs. Gibsons works closely with the breeders, packers and processors to deliver an unmatched level of quality.


Gibsons Grade

Gibsons Grasfed Australian (GGA) and Gibsons Prime Angus is served at many Gibsons Restaurant Group locations, including Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse, Hugo's Frog Bar & Fish House, LUXBAR, Quartino, Gibsons Italia, and The Boathouse in Disney Springs. Gibsons Restaurant Group began in 1989 with the founding of Chicago's iconic Gibsons Bar & Steakhouse on Rush Street in the heart of downtown Chicago.

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Make a Gibsons Dirty Martini


When making a dirty martini, picking the proper olive brine is essential. You can opt for the brine from olives you buy in the store, but that can be oily and a little salty. With the rise of craft cocktails, every ingredient has been looked at and refined, even olive brine. Companies such as Filthy brands, have taken this to a new level, making a “clean” olive brine. All the salinity and nuttiness you would want from true olive brine, but it appears clear, giving you a dirty martini that looks like it’s simply vodka.

Gibsons Wet-Aged Steaks

Gibsons has been the gold standard for steaks in Chicago, the midwest and across the nation. We continually assess our suppliers, butchers and ranchers to make sure only the highest quality of cuts make it on the menu.

Classic Cocktails to Pair with Your Steak

It might not seem like it, but knowing how to correctly craft a classic cocktail is important. Let's be honest, a well-crafted drink by a good bartender can really turn your day around.

More than 30 years ago a tremendously talented Gibsons chef developed the recipe for the now famous Gibsons Seasoning Salt. t's proprietary blend of salt, spices, onion and garlic is a closely held restaurant secret.

Cook Your Steak Like a Professional


You've ordered your steak and it's been what? Gibsons Executive Chef, Dan Huebschmann, shares his tips & tricks for grilling the perfect steak.

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"Complete with grilling instructions and a personalized note to add to your shipment (if it’s a gift) that contains a big box of juicy steak and burgers. The perfect holiday gift right at your doorstep."


"Gibsons owes its staying power to its steaks: The restaurant is the first in the country to have its own USDA certification, Gibsons Prime Angus beef."